"Diarios de Bicicleta" is an ESPN sports television program presented by Martín Einstein related to the Spanish Football League.

Cava Rovellats has starred in one of the episodes of the program “Diarios de Bicicleta” on the American television ESPN. In this program, the journalist Martín Einstein travels throughout the Iberian Peninsula visiting the most symbolic spaces of the Spanish Football League.

In one of his programs, Einstein explains that football team victories are celebrated with cava and that is why he wants to discover how this sparkling wine is produced. In fact, the journalist remarks during the program that cava is “the drink that everyone wants to uncork when the championship ends”.

To learn about the cava production process, the team from ESPN’s “Diarios de Bicicleta” program travel to the Penedès and visit the Rovellats caves in Sant Martí Sarroca.

During the visit, which was during the summer of 2021, Martín Einstein walks among the bottles of the Rovellats cava and talks to Manel Via, Rovellats head of production, who explains to him the secrets of the traditional cava method. He even dares to disgorge one of the bottles of Rovellats cava.

This chapter closes with the words of Einstein saying “it’s always good to have a bottle of cava on the table, because it means there is something to celebrate”.

This program is broadcast on the American sports channel ESPN and is also available on the channel’s on-demand service. The head of Rovellats, Josep Cardona, believes that with programs like this, which are seen all over the world, we can promote the cava brand, and in this case also Rovellats, all over the world. Placing cava among the best sparkling wines in the world.  

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