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Rovellats is a story of love for the land, people and cava. A family project that is currently managed by the third generation of the family and that from Sant Martí Sarroca (Barcelona) has been evolving from a work philosophy based on quality. Under the 15th century farmhouse and located at a depth of 12 meters, the Rovellats cellar is unique in the world for its original six-pointed star structure and a central rotunda.
The etymological origin of Rovellats comes from the Latin “robiculu”, reflecting its location in a meander of the Foix River, characterized by its high humidity. Since medieval times, this enclave has been the heart of an estate, an architectural complex that includes everything from 10th century Romanesque elements to modern innovations.
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Since Josep Vallés Rovira founded the cellars at the beginning of the 20th century, Rovellatshas been a benchmark in the production of this sparkling wine. Rovellats was even awarded for the quality of its cavas at the Barcelona Exhibition of 1929 and since then it has obtained many national and international distinctions.
The winery, which is currently managed by the 3rd generation of the family, is a model of quality, specializing in limited reserves with grapes from their own vineyards, which vary in age from 10 to 60 years old. This commitment to quality has led Rovellats to target the high-end catering and specialty stores, both nationally and internationally.


Currently, Rovellats produces 100% of its production with grapes from its own vineyards.
With a strong commitment to sustainability, the winery is powered by renewable electricity, purifies 100% of its water and has all its vineyards certified as organic by the CCPAE. They have even reduced their use of packaging by 35% and the weight of their bottles by 8%, thus minimizing their environmental footprint.
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At Rovellats, wine tourism is a multi-sensory experience that goes beyond simple wine tasting. The winery, which has been recognized as a Site of Tourist Interest by the European Council of Wine Routes for over a decade, offers an opportunity to immerse oneself in the rich wine-making, gastronomic and environmental culture of the area. By incorporating local gastronomic products in all its activities, Rovellats supports the local economy and familiarizes visitors with the basics of circular economy and sustainability.
The experience of visiting Rovellats is unique and unforgettable. Imagine tasting the exceptional wines of Rovellats, surrounded by dazzling nature that encapsulates the beauty of the winemaking environment. Not only do you learn about winemaking techniques and the importance of the greenhouse effect in agriculture, but you also have the opportunity to understand how the business contributes to the social and territorial cohesion of the area.
And to further enhance the experience, Rovellats has a CAVA BAR located in its impressive modernist garden. This open-air corner allows visitors to relax and enjoy not only the cava but also the architectural and natural surroundings, symbolizing the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity that characterizes Rovellats.
Miguel Angel Fuentes
Miguel Angel Fuentes
Visita guiada más degustación sobre los procesos de producción de cava y las instalaciones. Mención especial a Àlex, nuestro guía. Muy profesional y atento. Recomendable 100%. El cava, excelente. P.D.: Una capilla familiar preciosa.
Odiane Baker-Duly
Odiane Baker-Duly
Thank you Alex for such a wonderful visit and pick-nick!!! If you are lucky with the weather strongly I recommend opting for the cava tasting + pick-nick in the garden. We have a great time and very much enjoyed the cava and food.
Erik Cazorla
Erik Cazorla
El pasado viernes realizamos una maravillosa jornada en el recinto de Cavas Rovellats. Àlex fue nuestro guía, una persona apasionada por su trabajo que nos hizo la visita y las catas de cava de manera extraordinaria. Además, nos preparó un almuerzo exquisito en el patio dónde disfrutamos mucho. 100% recomendable.
Jaime Ribero
Jaime Ribero
Una visita guiada muy entretenida y muy bien explicada por Alex.
Pierandrea Cipollini
Pierandrea Cipollini
We have done a guided tour and wine tasting: it has been amazing, very nice the explanation and tasting
Marta Figueras Majó
Marta Figueras Majó
Fantástico lugar lleno de mucha historia. Grandes cavas y vinos de cosecha propia que cuidan cada mes del año. La comida, el lugar y la visita inmejorable. Sandra nos explicó muy bien el proceso de elaboración y tuvo un trato y cuidado perfecto en todo momento con nosotros. Gracias por esta experiencia, repetiremos!
Маргарита Маурина
Маргарита Маурина
Nos encantó la visita por la bodega. Tatiana, nuestro guía, nos ha explicado todo a detalle respondiendo a todas nuestras dudas. Además, hay opción de la visita en idioma ruso lo que ha sido muy apreciado por mi familia que no entiende la lengua castellana. La bodega es preciosa y tiene mucho encanto y historia. Y la degustación después de visita es lo mejor. Un sitio auténtico con el ambiente inolvidable. Muchas gracias por todo!